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1. Cloz Garden (2018)

Chattahoochee Hills
11' x 35' (3m x 10m)
Side yard garden plan for six 4'x4' raised beds, square-foot garden style.

2. Chris Carlson Raised Bed (2018)

19' x 19' (6m x 6m)

3. Backyard (2018)

Portland, OR
59' x 59' (18m x 18m)
New Garden

4. The Urbam Farm (2018)

Back Yard
60' x 49' (18m x 15m)
Beginning of a Urban Farm

5. SFG 3.5X7 (2018)

Livermore CA
3' x 6' (1m x 2m)

6. SFG 4X7 (2018)

Livermore California
3' x 6' (1m x 2m)

7. pilgrims way (2018)

kent, uk
16' x 78' (5m x 24m)

8. New Crutchfield Garden (2018)

Erin's Garden
29' x 59' (9m x 18m)
Home garden plan in Raleigh, NC

9. Maloney (2018)

24' x 21' (7m x 6m)

10. Tyson (2018)

45' x 25' (13m x 7m)

11. Setterfeld Circle (2018)

Fair Oaks, Texas
23' x 23' (7m x 7m)
This si a raised bed garden plan for spring 2018.

12. Bonura 1 (2018)

30' x 40' (9m x 12m)

13. Valentine's Day (2018)

9' x 9' (3m x 3m)
Roses for Romance, Love in a mist, Forget me nots, Rosemary for Rememberance and Pansies for thoughts, an unashamedly romantic Valentines garden...

14. Vicks garden (2018)

Mannford Oklahoma
49' x 19' (15m x 6m)
Our family favorites for snacking, cooking and storing for self reliance.

15. Hannas garden (2018)

25' x 35' (7m x 10m)
Our first Garden in our new House

16. Wayne Court (2018)

Holland PA
26' x 12' (8m x 3m)
Designed so that broccoli, cauliflower, arugala and most beets, lettuces and spinach all harvested by the end of spring leaving more room for other crops. Peanut plants to be planted after broccoli harvest. Harvested spring crops leave room for footpaths. Groups of peppers, spinach, eggplants, onions, cuccumbers, carrots, lettuce, beets, and brussel sprouts are planted two weeks apart from one another so not all of one vegetable is ripe at the same time. Vine crops (melons, squash) in rear to be grown on a wooden fence. Tomatos have cages, cucumbers have trellis wall and all bean varieties have stakes. Sunflowers used in addition to stakes to help support bean plants. Insect preventing flowers and herbs planted along the edges and throughout the garden. Some herbs and flowers are doubled up in one square foot, keeping to the recomended spacing requirement.

17. Community Garden (2018)

old town garden
11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Simple garden in a community garden

18. Benson (2018)

59' x 79' (18m x 24m)
veg garden

19. Classic Victory Garden WWII (2018)

Millersville, OH 43435
34' x 71' (10m x 21m)
Victory Garden, Fresh and Preserve On Sandy Loam. Nursery is where the text box of plants is showing. 4 foot path down the center. Other paths 2 foot wide and planted with ground cover/low herbs. Black rubber under squash/melon families. 3 sisters corn pole beans & squash. South side is 6 beds 4 foot wide x 15 feet. North side is tilled for the melons to run. Flowers will be put in for bees and companion. Same with herbs. As the spring garden comes out, more summer successions will be sown like wax bush beans, salad greens from plants started in the green house. A few sunflowers usually show up at the north side. Top is West...

20. Veggie Garden (2018)

39' x 29' (12m x 9m)

21. New Garden (2018)

29' x 10' (9m x 3m)
Some backyard plans...

22. Duke Farm 21e+22a+2a (2018)

Hillsboro, New Jersey
29' x 55' (9m x 17m)
Duke Farm Community Garden

23. Cutler (2018)

58' x 45' (17m x 13m)

24. Conroy (2018)

42' x 17' (12m x 5m)

25. 1 Person Intensive (2019)

Egg Harvor, WI
37' x 37' (11m x 11m)
2nd year based on 1 person Markham intensive mini-farm