Cucumber Growing Guide

Cucumis sativus


Crop Rotation Group

Cucurbits (Squash family) 


Soil enriched with plenty of compost.


Sunny, sheltered site or greenhouse.

Frost tolerant



Fornightly liquid feed from mid summer.


Single Plants: 60cm (1' 11") each way (minimum)
Rows: 60cm (1' 11") with 60cm (1' 11") row gap (minimum)

Sow and Plant

Sow under cover in pots in mid spring. Plant out after last frosts.
Our Garden Planner can produce a personalized calendar of when to sow, plant and harvest for your area.


Support plants well so they can climb upwards, even when the cucumbers get large. This also protects the cucumbers from slugs. Occasionally a plant can produce very bitter cucumbers so always test a bit before serving to others!


Cut the cucumbers off the plant when they are still quite young, otherwise the skin becomes hard and will need peeling. More cucumbers will then be produced.

Planting and Harvesting Calendar

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Pests which Affect Cucumber